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the CREW

Helena-Joyce Wright(Producer/Writer/Creator)


Beverly Clarke Mattox (Co-producer)


Ron English (Associate Producer)


Volnerius Rackley (Associate Producer)


Cecil Love (Associate Producer)


LaRonda Morris (Senior Editor)


Panyin Conduah (Editor)


Rachel Nadia (1st Director)


Willie Jones (2nd Director)


Jan D’aguiar (Director of Photography)


Michigan Moses (Director of Photography)


Ken Wright (Video Editor)


Benita Clarke (Photographer)


Jim Baxter (Sound Engineer)


Cynthia “Cent” McCoy (Costume Designer/Wardrobe)


Tracey Edwards (Hair & Makeup)


Tricia Kelley (1st Production Assistant)


Rachel Novak (2ndProduction Assistant)


Thomas Clarke (Casting Associate)


Veronique Mattox (Hospitality)

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