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  The Cast

E'lan Baxter Wright-Williams


Played by Helena-Joyce Wright

"EX" Edward Xavier Wright-Williams


Played by Jonathan D. Whitfield



Played by Beverly Clarke Mattox



Played by Cynthia McCoy



Played by Ron English

Pecolia Wright-Williams


Played by Brooke Staley

Fred Brackley


Played by Volnerius Rackley



     Played by Julie Novak



Played by Cecil Love



   Played by Rachel Novak



E’lan Baxter Wright-Williams (THE DIVA MOM)  A delightful mix of Lady Macbeth, Dominique DeVereaux and Glenda…The Good Witch, who belts like Ethel Merman and croons like Billie Holiday.


Pecolia “Lia” Wright-Williams (Daughter, Lia) — Brilliant and beautiful daughter in her mid-twenties trying very hard to assert herself against the force of nature known as her mom. Determined not to be anything like her mother but apples don’t fall far from the tree.


Edward Xavier Wright-Williams (Son, EX) — Lia’s Irish Twin, proverbial ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ had “ThugLife” tattooed on his arm (while at boarding school).


Fred Brackley — Hot Shot reporter #1 who now finds himself E’lan’s Press “Secretary”


Joyce — Bestie. Runs her own PR Firm. Upscale, Southern Belle. Attended same all girl prep 


Cya — Bestie. Artsy. Nic-name used to be “Squeaky” Attended same all girl prep


Jewels — Bestie. Former “almost” Miss America. Think Delta Burke


RABID — Lia’s “aged” rapper boyfriend and thorn in E’lan’s side




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