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Helena-Joyce Wright

 Creator/Writer/Director/Executive Producer Artistic/Creative Director. Ms. Wright is an award-winning writer/actress/singer/writer/director with numerous successful producing credits as well.  She has graced stages nationally, internationally, and on Broadway and has been a driving force behind many successful projects including the multi-award-winning hit series, AWKWARD BLACK GIRL. and THE DIVA MOM SHOW.

And now, after breaking box-office records during her tenure as Artistic Director for the Oakland Ensemble Theatre, has set her sites on bringing her adaptation of James Baldwin's classic, THE AMEN Broadway. 

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THE DIVA MOM SHOW is a satirical/comedy TV/Web that follows the triumphs and travails of "E'lan Baxter Wright-Williams" (Helena-Joyce Wright,, loosely based on her life). Once a darling of the Broadway musical theatre scene, she left the stage for a fabulous life with her beloved, Edward, a Diplomat. But, that brought with it--Motherhood and the reviews for this role are a “little” more mixed (The Mom). Now widowed, she has set her sights for a return to the "Great White Way." She is joined along the way by her lifelong friends and notable friends from the entertainment industry (The Diva). In a word, the show is....HYSTERICAL! Viewing life and motherhood through her lens is like nothing the world has ever seen!!!! Future episodes to include:


--Mommie Dearest (Pilot)

--Clone Your Inner Denzel

--Hello From ‘The Hamptons’

--Welcome to Hell: EX Moves Back Home

--What Happens at Homecoming…Stays At Homecoming

--Blind Dates Are of the Devil

--Two Months A Slave

--Another Opening, Another Show (Season Finale Part 1)

--Season Finale (Part 2)

THE DIVA MOM SHOW is a Television/Web series in development. It has been very well received within the industry and with a wide cross-section of viewers from urban youth to suburban housewives and pretty much everything in between. The show has already garnered two cable network offers which we decided not to pursue because we KNOW this show is a hit and our goal is to maintain as much creative control of the characters and content and possible and YOU can INSURE that this happens! You can have an immediate impact on the images on television! WE believe that it's time for smart AND Funny (some might even say sexy ;-) TV) and here's how you will help MAKE IT HAPPEN.


DONATE!! A little goes a long way here at HJ/WIPP and it's always fully accounted for. Don't forget your donation are ALWAYS TAX-DEDUCTIBLE via our fiscal sponsor, Streams of Dreams, LLC. It's quick & easy. Just go to the donate button at the top and use our secure server and enjoy the perks of being a FRIEND OF THE DIVA MOM!


SPREAD THE WORD! If THE DIVA MOM puts a smile on your face, (and we know she does) then PLEASE SPREAD THE JOY! We've got one of the wittiest and clever shows to come down the pike in a long time...HELP US FIND OUR AUDIENCE by sharing with your friends.



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